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Why You Should Buy Organic Coffee

Why You Should Buy Organic Coffee

Organic coffee has a much better taste and is much better for your body. As the international demand for coffee increases, the growing process of mass-produced brands will continue to lead to lower quality and fewer natural resources. Sure, organic coffee may cost a few dollars more, but the health and environmental payoff is far higher. We found two big reasons to buy organic when it comes to coffee.

No Harmful Chemicals. Coffee is one of the heaviest chemically treated food commodities in the world. The most common chemicals used in coffee production are types of synthetic petroleum based fertilizers. These fertilizers destroy soil fertility and seep into local water supplies. Organic coffees are grown and processed without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Organic coffee plants differ in that they create soil that holds its complex nutrient base. These plants then feed nutrients back into the beans at a slower rate, adding a robust, smooth flavor to the coffee beans.

Deforestation.¬†Coffee plants do not naturally grow in direct sunlight, but under the shade of rainforest cover. To take advantage of vast growing areas, the coffee industry has developed sun-resistant hybrids that have compromised approximately 70% of the world’s coffee production. Our natural rainforests are being cleared at alarming rates to create space for sun resistant coffee plants. Do your homework when purchasing coffee and look for organic “shade grown” coffee that promotes natural ecological relationships.

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